Do you know what stress is, how to get rid of it and what is the best anti-stress therapy? Stress is a series of psychological and physical changes that a person goes through and comes from external and internal causes. When the body is exposed to stress, the body becomes unbalanced and the quality of life is impaired.

Symptoms of stress come when body functions change under the influence of load and tension and are reflected in hormone secretion, behavior and vegetative functions.

What can be the sources of stress?

Sources of stress are external events or internal stimuli that have a threatening effect on the body and organism. Stressors can be:

  • psychological – conflicts with close people (family, friends), colleagues at work…
  • physical – exposure to severe cold, pain, heat or noise…
  • social – world wars, crises, instability in the world, etc.

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Wondering if there is positive stress?

In fact, some research has explained that stress can be divided into two terms: distress and eustress.

Distress is negative stress and can cause the following reactions:

  • difficulty concentrating,
  • body aches,
  • very frequent or chronic insomnia,
  • chronic fatigue to the point of reluctance to do any activity,
  • breathing problems,
  • disturbed metabolism,
  • difficulty returning to normal life…

Eustress is “positive stress”, and it is a type of stress that positively affects motivation, brings satisfaction, has a good effect on health, etc.

Eustress can be a real anti-stress therapy for depression and can cause the following reactions:

  • increasing motivation,
  • confidence higher than usual,
  • satisfaction,
  • productivity in work and private life,
  • very strong excitement,
  • increase in energy and mobility etc.

So, eustress causes positive and motivating emotions that push for growth, development and progress in life. However, there is a fine line when eustress can become distress, and this depends on many other factors.

It is very important to note that there are scientists who confidently claim that the division of stress does not exist, and that this feeling is universal. And that the impact on the individual depends on the way of life, on the causes that happened before the stress, and on many other things.

What is acute and what is chronic stress?

Acute stress is a state that the organism is currently going through, or is activated as a reaction to a current stressor. Although it has a shorter duration, acute stress is very strong and can bring long-term consequences to the body.

Some of the signs and symptoms of acute stress are:

  • hyperventilation,
  • increased sweating,
  • indigestion,
  • headache,
  • raising blood pressure,
  • chest discomfort,
  • tremors, etc.

Chronic stress, on the other hand, is exposure to a stressor for a long time, which can result in very serious conditions for the body and organism. Examples of stressors of this type of stress are difficulties in a marital relationship, dissatisfaction at work, financial problems, death of a loved one, etc.

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    Symptoms that may occur are:

    • fatigue,
    • memory problems,
    • concentration problems,
    • headaches,
    • muscle tension,
    • weight gain or loss,
    • excessive sleepiness,
    • chronic insomnia,
    • stiffness in the jaw,
    • neck stiffness,
    • panic attacks etc.

    What is the best anti stress therapy?

    Herbal stress pills, natural stress remedies, calming tea and what not you haven’t tried to protect yourself from stressors, right? Unfortunately, we will never be able to completely avoid stressful situations, but we can learn how to control our emotions when exposure to stress occurs.

    The best anti-stress therapy is always breathing exercises. Have you tried this technique? It is very effective and has a soothing effect after stressful and tense situations, and during strong fatigue and exhaustion. Taking time for yourself is also very important, and finding things that relax you and give you pleasure. So, it can be reading your favorite literature, walking, running, training, crying, talking, hanging out and watching movies.

    There are many things that can help you manage your stress and tension levels. In addition to physical activities that increase the level of energy and endorphins, proper nutrition as well as sufficient fluid intake is a very important item. Properly distributed meals regulate the level of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness. This way you will feel better and more beautiful, inside and out.


    The age we live in is turbulent and stressful, and anxiety is a disease that has taken hold among all generations. Therefore, it is not surprising that stress relievers are among the most sought-after products in the world. The search for methods of treatment of these problems is increasing, and what goes to the advantage of this is the already developed awareness of this problem.

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