Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which a person can achieve all his goals and potentials, and can cope with all other situations in life. A person who is in a normal mental state can contribute to society and the community, can function normally and cope with the usual stresses and problems of life.

A mentally healthy person is full of optimism, is satisfied and functions independently on the way to success.

Unfortunately, many young people, as well as people in their mature years and, unfortunately, children, have mental problems which, unfortunately, are primarily caused by a bad or toxic environment.

The most common signs of impaired mental health are low self-esteem, a feeling of not being accepted, misunderstood and insecure, even being rejected.

Mentalno zdravlje

How to improve mental health?

Be active

The mind is closely connected with the body, and exercise and sports will free you from nervousness, stress and tension. Activity also improves sleep, and promotes recovery from panic attacks and anxiety. Also, physical activity promotes better memory and concentration.

Exercise has been proven to play a role in the prevention and treatment of mild and moderate depression and anxiety.

It has also been shown that going for a walk improves the state of mind. A pleasant walk in nature, greenery, will relax your mind.

Sleep is very important

It has not yet been investigated how long it would take for death to occur, that is, how long a person would last without sleep. Lack of sleep affects concentration and mood, but also impairs emotional intelligence.

People who are unable to sleep through the night can make up for lost sleep during the day through short periods of sleep. It is very important to ensure enough sleep so that the brain and body can rest and prepare for the rest of life.

Mentalno zdravlje

Eat well

A healthy and balanced diet is very important for the body but also for the mind. Lack of minerals, vitamin B12, iron can cause a bad mood and lead to a worse mental state. Try to eat a balanced diet.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Alcoholic drinks, tobacco and smoking are very bad for the overall state of the organism. In addition to damaging physical health, these things are also very bad for the mental health of every person.

Long-term use of these substances can cause a lack of thiamine (vitamin B1), which is important for the functioning of our brain. Its deficiency can lead to serious problems with memory, coordination, confusion and vision problems.

ASHWA STRESS – for better mental health and stronger concentration

What is very important in the modern age is, first of all, that there is now a sufficiently developed awareness of such things. Mental health is very important in order to improve and improve your lifestyle.

Accordingly, we have developed a unique, dedicated product, Ashwa Stress, which, in combination with valerian and effective vitamins of the B group, can effectively help alleviate and resolve these symptoms.

Ashwagandha is thought to have a positive effect on the HPA-axis, which regulates the body’s response to stress, while it is often used in Ayurvedic medicine to reduce anxiety and improve cognitive function.

The valerian contained in Ashwa Stress is used for nervousness and anxiety, while a specially selected and formulated group of B vitamins participate in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which protects receptors from excessive stress.

Ashwa Stress in combination with valerian and effective vitamins of the B group can effectively help relieve and resolve stress symptoms.

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