Family Pack 2


  • This family package of AshwaLife products is intended to strengthen immunity, improve overall health and preserve quality and healthy sleep.
  • With Ashwa Sleep, Ashwa Women and Ashwagandha you will be able to improve the functioning of your body and restore the state of your mind to a healthy balance.
  • Improve sleep time, provide yourself and your family with quality rest, and better and stronger immunity, and with the addition of vitamin D3, vitamin B, folic and red clover acids cleanse your body of toxins.
  • ASHWAGANDHA has a relaxing effect on the body and organisms and helps to strengthen libido and is an excellent dietary supplement for people who want to improve their general health, strengthen immunity, improve sleep and reduce stress.
  • Ashwa Women is a product for women based on ashwagandha with the addition of D3 and group B vitamins, folic acid, and red clover (Trifolium pratense flower), which has a long tradition of use as a blood and lymphatic system cleanser.
  • Ashwa Sleep is a dietary supplement that will help you end insomnia and is used to help you fall asleep and help maintain better quality sleep. With these three products, you will be able to restore balance to your body completely.


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