Family Pack 1


  • Ashwa Stress, Ashwa Gandha, and Ashwa Immune are excellent combinations for preventing disease, and stress, strengthening immunity, and preserving the health of the whole family.
  • This AshwaLife family pack will improve your energy, prevent the appearance of nervousness and anxiety, and will greatly contribute to your quality of life.
  • The secret of AshwaLife lies in the ideal combination of healthy ingredients offered by the ashwagandha root, which contains all its most healing properties that can improve your overall health.

Ashwa Immune contains ashwagandha as an adaptogenic plant with a high content of withanolides, in synergy with other precisely formulated ingredients that make up this product such as: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Zinc and vitamins from the B, D and E group, it is an excellent additional alternative for preserving immunity during all seasons .

Ashwa Stress combined with valerian and effective B vitamins can effectively help relieve and resolve stress symptoms.

Ashwagandha supplement is intended for people who want to improve their general health, strengthen immunity, improve sleep, and reduce stress.

This family pack of AshwaLife products will contribute to the health of the whole family.


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